History of SCADA systems

In 1960 first time scada system introduce, the first scada system made with minicomputers that time normal network services not available,

Thus SCADA systems were independent systems with no connecting service to other system.The first generation SCADA systems were developed as ‘turn key’ operations which work on minicomputers pdp-11.

Second generation SCADA system introduce with network connectivity services , information and commands processing was distributed across multiple stations, these station was responsible for a particular task.

Second generation scada system is cheaper than first generation scada system. The network protocols used in second generation scada system were still not standardized. Security of scada system unnoticed by the developers.

Third generation scada system adopted more than one LAN(Local Area Network) network called a process control network (PCN).

Fourth generation SCADA system cloud computing available. SCADA adopted Internet of things (Iot) technology for better data exchange.


It provided with following results:-

  1. Rise in usability
  2. Faster build/deployment
  3. Great accuracy to find critical data
  4. Less time spent navigation

SCADA Components :-

scada system consist of some components—

  • SCADA computers
  • PLC(Programmable logic controllers)
  • Remote terminal units
  • Communication infrastructure
  • HMI(Human-machine interface)
  • RTU Programming
  • Alarm handling

Application of SCADA system:-

1.Scada system used in industries involve process control, Power generation, manufacturing .

2.Infrastructure process involve water treatment etc, also electric power transmission and distribution.

3.Facility process include space station, airports .They remotely monitor and control AC(Air Condition) system and energy consumption.

Cyber attack on SCADA system

A malicious computer worm known as “stuxnet” targets SCADA system in 2005. It damaged iran nuclear program. Stuxnet malware is a remote accessing tool which take down the scada softwares. It allows to control the processes such as those used to control machines on factory assembly lines and centrifuges for divided into nuclear substances.