How capacitive transducer works?

The capacitance of the variable capacitance transducer can change with the change of the dielectric material, change in the area of the plates and the distance between the plates. Depending on the parameter that changes for the capacitive transducers, they are of three types as mentioned below.

In these capacitive transducer the dielectric material between the two plates changes, due to which the capacitance of the transducer also changes. When the input quantity to be measured changes the value of the dielectric constant also changes so the capacitance of the instrument changes. This capacitance, calibrated against the input quantity, directly gives the value of the quantity to be measured. This principle is used for measurement of level in the hydrogen container, where the change in level of hydrogen between the two plates results in change of the dielectric constant of the capacitance transducer. Apart from level, this principle can also be used for measurement of humidity and moisture content of the air.

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