How to Improve Safety of Process Plant?

Modern industrial processes tend to be technically complex, involve substantial energies, and have the potential to inflict serious harm to persons or property during a mishap.

The IEC 61508 standard defines safety as “freedom from unacceptable risk.” In other words, absolute safety can never be achieved; risk can only be reduced to an acceptable level.

Safety methods to mitigate harm and reduce risk include:

• Changing the process or mechanical design, including plant or equipment layout
• Increasing the mechanical integrity of equipment
• Improving the basic process control system (BPCS)
• Developing additional or more detailed training procedures for operations and
• Increasing the testing frequency of critical components
• Using a safety-instrumented system (SIS)
• Installing mitigating equipment to reduce harmful consequences; for example,
explosion walls, foams, impoundments, and pressure relief systems

Reference: Triconex