I & C Documents

As part of the Project Record File, when required, the following documentation should be obtained from the Manufacturer of I&C system devices, as applicable.

  1. Mounting connection details
  2. Weight and center of gravity
  3. Service connections, size, type, and locations
  4. Materials of construction
  5. Design life
  6. Environmental and seismic qualifications
  7. Mounting restrictions and instructions
  8. Loop and logic diagrams
  9. Electrical schematic and wiring drawings
  10. Panel general arrangement and construction drawings
  11. Instrument piping and tubing drawings
  12. Certificate of conformance
  13. Calibration procedures and data
  14. Panel mounted instrument list including nameplate engraving
  15. Maintenance and surveillance requirements
  16. Recommended spare parts listing
  17. Specification data sheets for components, parts, or system
  18. Instrument index

Guidance: ISA-20, “Specification Forms for Process Measurement and Control Instruments, Elements, and Control Valves” should be used to assist in procurement of instrumentation equipment.