IEC TC 79 Alarm systems

The work of TC 79 is to prepare international standards for detection, alarm and monitoring systems for protection of persons and property, and for elements used in these systems. The scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • intruder and hold-up alarm systems,
  • fire alarm systems,
  • hazard alarm systems,
  • social/emergency alarm systems,
  • other monitoring and surveillance systems (for example, personal or baggage screening, and
  • access control systems),
  • associated transmission and communication systems.

The standards to be prepared shall cover terminology and technical characteristics regarding electrical safety, safe operation, testing, and performance criteria of the detection, alarm, monitoring and associated transmission systems.

The work of TC 79 shall be conducted so as to ensure that liaison is maintained with other specialized IEC Technical Committees, ISO/TC 21 and ISO/TC 43, and the TSB and BR, so as to avoid duplication.

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