Instrument Mounting Stand - Stanchion

Stanchion is the other term for instrument mounting stand. It is a structure where instrument is mounted. Stanchion is commonly constructed from 2” pipe with base plate. The instrument is attached to the stanchion by means of bracket for 2” pipe.

Stanchion can accommodate single instrument or more. The form of stanchion depends on the number of instrument to be mounted.

Stanchion may be furnished as necessary with earth boss for instrument protective earth of electrical instrument, nameplate identifying to which tag number the stand belong to, and cable tray for cable installation to the instrument. For instrument device which does not have electrical parts such as gauge, the requirement of earth boss and cable tray can be eliminated.

Instrument drawing which details stanchion (instrument mounting stand) is shown in Instrument Installation Drawing. This drawing contains detail of stanchion dimension and bill of material required for installation.