Instrumentation ADANI Interview questions

I was placed on-campus interview drive, & we had series of selection criteria. First we need to pass the criteria enlisted by company requiring minimum qualification marks throughout our academic annexure. Then we need to pass written exam with percentile rank of 90. The written exam included questions related to logical, verbal, aptitude & vocabulary reasoning. The further members shortlisted for mock interview. The interview questions included:

Firstly I gave brief introduction,& also included my carrier objective.

  1. They asked me to draw diagram of any of the drives(as I did my intern in drive systems). & asked about vector control strategy in VFD drives. ( Answered)
  2. Then they asked to write all temperature transducers. ( Answered )
  3. Then I was asked to list temperature transducers in increasing order in respect to their accuracy.( Answered)
  4. Asked applications where to use RTD and where to use thermistors. ( Answered)
  5. Asked about Siemens transmitters, & about calibration using HART commutators. (I had done training in that respected, so briefed about Pointek CLS, TH300 ,Probe LU, F Mag 5000 & its calibration using HART commutator). I also briefed them about my training in working with PLC S7-300 & S7-1200, & SCADA WinCc TIA portal
  6. Then they asked how to prevent any hazard.( I had rough idea about hazardous area classification, told about electric safety code , intrinsic safety & purging and pressuring ) but they where not convinced they asked me further any ideas to prevent hazard at personal level I said avoiding flammable substance, & told about having ELCBs & MCBs to prevent electrical hazard. They asked me further what to do at personal level , I said I am having no clue.
    Then one of the HR said in very pleasant way " ensuring safety at personal level can prevent so many hazards":slightly_smiling_face:
  7. Then they asked if you have any question to ask about us.(plz ensure you ask a valid question at last, it should be something that shows your interest) I asked how Adani group was different compared to others? They briefed about their values & their ethics. Finally I shook hands with all of them & was selected.

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