List of Tools used in Loop Checking

Tools and equipment needed for loop checking should be in good condition and must be checked by Instrument Supervisor prior to use.

List of Tools

  1. HART Communicator
  2. Dead Weight Tester
  3. Air Compressor
  4. MC5 FF Multifunction Calibrator
  5. Test Gauges with Ranges per Specification
  6. Absolute Pressure Gauge
  7. Portable 120Vac, 60Hz Gasoline Powered Generator
  8. Pulse/Frequency Generator
  9. DC Power Supply Regulated 24Vdc Variable
  10. Nitrogen Tank w/ High Pressure Regulator
  11. Thermo Bath
  12. Hydrostatic Test Pump
  13. Set of Precision Weights
  14. Digital Thermometer
  15. Glass Thermometer
  16. Potentiometer
  17. Portable Pressure Calibrator (DRUCK)
  18. Process Calibrator
  19. Advanced Temperature Calibrator
  20. RTD Conversion Chart
  21. Circuit Tester
  22. Decade Resistance Box
  23. Digital Manometer (Mercury or Water Manometer)
  24. Mercury and Water Manometer
  25. Hand Pump
  26. Hygrometer (Humidity Tester)
  27. Air Regulator
  28. Pneumatic Comparator
  29. Vacuum Pump
  30. Oscilloscope
  31. Radio Communication Equipment (intrinsically safe as per approved)
  32. Multi meter
  33. Test Bench with clean, dry and oil free instrument air
  34. Set of Tools, Hose & Fittings
  35. Stop Watch
  36. Millivolt/Temperature conversion chart
  37. TK-3 (for checking of vibration element)
  38. Spirit Level
  39. BEAMEX MC5 Calibrator
  40. Others,if any

All tools utilized in a classified area should be intrinsically safe and suitable for hazardous areas.