Load Cell Calibration

How to calibrate loadcell (lpc200)? there are four loadcells.

I am so confused about that equipment.

The LCp-200 load cell controller offers three types of calibration; quick, deadload, and keypad. Both quick and keypad calibration use an internal mV/V reference within the Wp-200 to perform an electrical only type calibration. The deadload type calibration is a method that is used when known amounts of weight are applied to the vessel or scale to achieve calibration.

Quick Type Calibration

Quick calibration is the fastest and least complex method of calibration. Based upon entries of scale capacity and mV/V output, the LCp-200 will automatically establish a calibration. This method is generally suitable on any linear system that has minimal piping or other load shunting structures.

Deadload Calibration

Deadload calibration is potentially the most complex method but results in the highest system accuracy. Deadload calibration requires that known quantities of weight be added incrementally to the scale/vessel, preferably to full capacity. This method is preferred on systems that have attached pipes or other load shunting structures.

Keypad Calibration

The LCp-200 is factory calibrated as a very precise mV/V measurement device. The keypad 3-2 calibration method establishes a relationship between force and mV/V, resulting in a very accurate electrical type of calibration. Keypad calibration requires a calibration sheet (Figure 3- 3, page 3-4) for each weigh system load cell.

The cal. sheet presents the load cell mV/V output reading for either 3 or 10 known weight/force values. Sheets also include a zero balance (no load) mV/V reading. The keypad calibration method allows for the entry for the keypad entry of up to 10 points.

On multi-cell systems, each point is an average of all the load cells at that specific capacity. This method is applicable on systems with minimal piping or other load shunting structures and can be used to correct for load cell non-linearities.

Download technical manual:
Load Cell Calibration.pdf (6.0 MB)