Modbus communication timeout

Hallo guys, I need your advice. I already tried modbus communication, but not succed, on the software alarm appear" Modbus communication timeout". I already setted longer time but error still appear.

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Check the devices address

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Modbus will try for few seconds to establish the communication.

After this time, if communication not happens for any reason then it will show timeout error message. Its a common error so there may be any type of reason behind it.

Check Communication and all configurations again.

Also check cables/converters.


Ok Vignesh, In software modbus setting there are modbus format, little endian & big endian. Do you know the meaning?

You know addressing memory for analog input is in range 30000-39999 but in manual flowmeter the address that I want retrieve the data is 15000. Can we convert this address into 30000-39999 range?

Yes, map the same address at both sides.

Its configurable.

I set the address with 15000 but still modbus timeout. Can you take the picture the sample setting ?