Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Loop Checks Procedure

We discuss about Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Loop Checks Procedure. Loop checks between motor operated valves and Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Loop Checks Procedure

  1. Check and verify DCS configuration for applicable points.

  2. Valve response time shall be recorded in the loop record sheet against ISS.

  3. If any ESD logic / interlocking are involved in applicable loop, then first normal condition should be prepared by forcing the applicable ESD points on ladder on logic and same procedure to be carried out for DCS logic.

  4. Check and verify the logic / remote switch function.

  5. Stroke the MOV from DCS and field on applicable commands such as open, close and stop.

  6. Verify the status of the MOV at DCS and field.

  7. Check the hand wheel manual operation and function if applicable.