Multiple Choice Questions on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

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Multiple Choice Questions on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

1.There are three machines, each with its own start and stop buttons. Any two machines may
run at one time (also, any one may run by itself). Each start button is to have a sealing circuit.
Construct a PLC circuit with appropriate interlocking for this problem.

2.Construct a PLC timing circuit that will output (using output O:2/0) a 0.5 second pulse every
two seconds (i.e. on for 0.5s then off for 2s) if a switch (using I:1/0) is closed and a 1 second
pulse every two seconds if the switch is open.

3.Label the following statements as TRUE or FALSE.

Most PLCs have a fixed number of timers __________

Normally closed contacts “invert” the state of the signal they reference __________

PLCs are advantageous for use in fixed-circuit or fixed program operations __________

4.Complete the following statements.

a) PLC process scanning consists of the _______________ scan, _______________ scan
and _______________ scan.

b) _______________ scanning and ________________ scanning are the two methods
(orders) in which PLCs solve ladder logic programs.

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PLC MCQ Questions

1)main PLC component that enables the electronic circuitry of the other main components to operate?

A) Solid state components
B) Microcontroller
C) Input/Output system
D) System power supply
E) Memory

2)A type of control that places fixed series and parallel connections between sensor and actuator devices to determine the control functionality ?

A) Remote I/O
B) Microcontroller
C) Hardwired logic
D) Input/output system
E) Intelligent I/O

3)PLC’s, whose design primarily supports discrete logic, sequencing, timing, and counting?

A) Input/Output system
B) Relay-replacers
B) Microcontroller
C) Low end PLC
D) High end controller

4)A sub component of the central processing unit that sores the control program?

A) Memory
B) Microprocessor
C) hardwired logic
D) Programming device
E) Cyclic scan

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