PLC and Printer Communication

I want to communicate printer with PLC.
is it possible?
if yes then what is the procedure?

You can use a serial printer to communicate to the PLC. Some third parties do make serial to parallel convertors so that you can use a parallel printer interface. If this is not possible, then you will have to use a computer with a printer to print from the PLC.

One good option is to use a serial printer ie. label printer that has internal memory. This allows you to program the printer with various borders and fixed text. ie. company logo or name and then fill in the blanks via fields. The field data is then TX’d to the printer

Depending on your PLC type you may be able to use the standard serial RS232 port. You will however still need the protocol from the printer supplier. This will need to be coded into your PLC program. This method then allows good looking labels to be printed which look good when passed on to your customer.


thank you vignesh.

I am trying with Schneider M340 plc and thermal printer with serial port.
i will update as communication will be succeed.