PLC GX2 works - bin variable

I’m starting out in PLC programming, I need help from the community, I have a project that needs to count up to 50 units, store this value or reset it. This value is per process, storage and to have daily and monthly production. I’m using gx2 works and fx3u china. I’m programming in ladder, could anyone help me plase. ;D

PLC programming for your project using GX Works2 and an FX3U PLC.

  1. Counting Unit: Start by using a counter instruction like CTU for counting up to 50 units. Connect a start button to the input of the counter to initiate counting.
  2. Reset Function: Add a reset button that will reset the counter. Link this button to the counter’s reset input in the ladder logic.
  3. Storage: Utilize data registers (D registers) for storing the current count. You can use the MOV instruction to move the value from the counter to a D register when needed.
  4. Per-Process Logic: If each process has unique counting conditions, use contacts and coils to differentiate them in the ladder logic.
  5. Daily and Monthly Counters: Use additional counters and timer instructions to reset these counters at daily and monthly intervals. Increment these counters each time your main counter hits 50 and resets.
  6. Data Display: Finally, depending on your HMI, you may use further instructions to display the daily and monthly counts.

So, in short, you’ll have a main counter that counts up to 50 units and resets, storing that value in a data register. Additional counters will keep track of these resets to count daily and monthly production, and you can display or store this data as needed