PLC Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).


  1. PLC means _________ Logic Controller.

A]Programmable b]Peripheral c]Periodic

  1. HMI means ________ Machine Interface

A]Human b]Hard c]Heart

  1. Unitary PLC has 20 inputs and ___outputs.

A]20 b]12 c]10

  1. PLCs having less than ______ inputs and outputs are called as Small PLC

A]50 b]200 c]100

  1. Small PLCs have a memory from ___________ to store the user’s logic programs.

A] 2KB to 10KB b] 10KB to 20KB c] 20KB to 30KB

  1. Medium PLC have ____________ inputs and outputs.

A]4000 to 8000 b] 1000to 4000 c] 100 to 200

  1. To protect a PLC from any incoming surges from the field , isolated devices such as _________are used.

A]Barrier b]ADC c]Transducer

  1. ________ language can be programmed interactively with the PLC

A]online b]offline c]Basic

  1. ________ language can be generated separately and then downloaded separately in the PC.

A]online b]offline c]Basic

  1. The__________ instruction is used to turn an output on or off after its timer has been on for a preset time interval.

A] Retentive Time b]timer on delay c]Timer off delay

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