PLC Programming - 10 stations along a conveyor system

assume there are 10 stations along a conveyor system. the stations are numbered from 0-10 with station zero being the first. parts are to advance along the conveyor at the rate of one station per every four seconds.

A part may or may not be at a given station at any point in time. An input sensor I:0.0/0 is used to detect a part entering the conveyor.

At station 3, parts are checked for defects and an input sensor I:0.0/1 is energized if the part is defective.

At station 7, any defective parts are to be removed from the conveyor by energizing output O:0.0/0. Write an efficient ladder logic program for this process.

Check the related PLC example

the circuit doesnt work

@Manvi_Sharma It is a related plc program. It is not exactly the same.