PLC Programming - Run, Standby, & Full Lights, Conveyor

Develop ladder logic program according to the logic given below.

  • Energize the RUN status light when the process is operating.
  • Energize the STANDBY status light when the process is stopped.
  • Stop the conveyor and energize the standby light when the right edge of
    the box is first sensed by the photo sensor.
  • With the box in position and the conveyor stopped, after 3 seconds open
    the solenoid valve and allow the box to fill. The filling should stop when the level sensor goes true.
  • Energize the FULL light when the box is full. The FULL light should remain energized until the box is moved clear of the photo sensor.

Write the explanation about each run that you added in the program. (Detail
should consist explanation about logic behind the program)

Check this PLC Program

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