Pneumatic Cylinder PLC Final Year Project

The main goal is the measurement of the pneumatic cylinders’ working hours that can help the industry to be used and improve. So, when we could find a solution with automation and programming whit a logic controller like PLC devices to run Pneumatic cylinders for a certain number of cycles and put them under a certain pressure to measure the lifetime of any cylinder.

For executing, this kind of test, we need to have an automated program to run the test for a long time. This type of automatic operation can be performed by a different variety of software and devices which depends on the specialist of people and/or the different environments and availability of controllers such as Arduino, Microcontrollers, PLC devices, and other different logic controllers’ programs.

In this case here, I will explain, design, and investigate the measurement with a PLC device from SIEMENS company. The designing, programming, and implementation of the whole test bench have been performed completely practically by Eng. MOHAMMAD SHEKASTEH.

Pneumatic Cyliinder PLC Project.pdf (10.4 MB)