Power Plant Coal Analysis

There are two methods

  1. Proximate analysis and
  2. Ultimate analysis.

Proximate Analysis:

The objective of proximate analysis indicates the percentage by weight of the Fixed Carbon, Volatiles, Ash, and Moisture Content in coal. The amounts of fixed carbon and volatile combustible matter directly contribute to the heating value of coal. Fixed carbon acts as a main heat generator during burning. High volatile matter content indicates easy ignition of fuel. The ash content is important in the design of the furnace grate, combustion volume, pollution control equipment and ash handling systems of a furnace.

The definition, importance and measure of coal parameters are explained as follows

Moisture :

Moisture is an important property of coal, as all coals are mined wet. Groundwater and other extraneous moisture is known as adventitious moisture and is readily evaporated. Moisture held within the coal itself is known as inherent moisture.

Typical range of Moisture content is 0.5 to 10%.

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