Pressure Gauge with Bourdon Tube

Pressure gauge with bourdon tube is a pressure gauge with is equipped with metal which easy to expands and ​​hole is created on the metal. One end is created with closed condition and other end is made open to be connected with the pressure which then to be measured how much the pressure it is. This end is called as socket.

Generally the working principle of the pressure gauge with bourdon tube is the pressure will be measured enter into bourdon tube through socket, this pressure will result bourdon tube expands, so it will cause mechanical movement on the closed end. This movement is then forwarded to a wheel arrangement - the gear lever through liaison which is called as Lever. This gear consists of two gears namely: motion gears and pinion gears.

Motion gears is directly connected with lever, while the pinion gears is welded with pointer so when the bourdon tube moves, the pointe will also move as shown in Figure 1 below.


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