Program on fb2200 emerson flow computer?

Can you please help me for the program on fb2200 emerson flow transmitter?



Hi, which parameters you are looking to program in flow computer?

Are you installing a new FC or just need some configuration changes?

Share specific details.

Hi Sir,
Thanks for the ur information…

Already in FC did by someone other Team now i have care this FC so please guidance me

Reply please

Hi, usually there would be no need to do any configuration changes in the flow computer after its commissioning.

This FC has similar functions as like normal flow transmitter, but it will have some more features like,

  • Flow totals - hourly, day, month etc.
  • Compensation (pressure/temperature) - optional
  • Math functions, etc.

You may face problems with Gas Chromatograph (GC) which is connected to the flow computer for custody transfer applications.

Hi Sir,

Thanks for the ur reply
Gas chromatograph not connected with flow computer
Please explain about regarding attached pic

Above parameters are in flow computer

Hi manojk940…

What i understand from your reply
now you have to maintain this FC

Dont worry…

No need to change configuration`
u have to check on calculation which is done by FC

for this you have fix PTx TTx DPTx & GC data and verify calculation