Programmable Logic Controllers Multiple Choice Questions

1. The acronym PLC stands for:

(A) Pressure Load Control
(B) Programmable Logic Controller
© Pneumatic Logic Capstan
(D) PID Loop Controller
(E) Pressure Loss Chamber

2. The PLC was invented by

A) Bill Gates
B) Dick Morley
C) Bill Landis
D) Tod Cunningham

3. Ladder logic programming consists primarily of:

(A) Virtual relay contacts and coils
(B) Logic gate symbols with connecting lines
© Function blocks with connecting lines
(D) Text-based code
(E) Hieroglyphics

4. In a PLC, the scan time refers to the amount of time in which ……

(A) the technician enters the program
(B) timers and counters are indexed by
© one “rung” of ladder logic takes to complete
(D) the entire program takes to execute
(E) transmitted data communications must finish

5. Which one of the following is not a PLC manufacturer

a. Siemens
b. Mitsubishi
c. Microsoft
d. ABB

6. one of the following is an input device

a. Motor
b. Light
c. Valve
d. Sensor

7. Solenoids, lamps, motors are connected to:

a. Analog output
b. Digital output
c. Analog input
d. Digital input

8. The type of memory which is fast and temporarily stores the data which are immediately
required for use is called as______.

a. HDD
b. ROM
c. RAM
d. SSD

9. how is the speed of operation of conventional relay system as compared to digital controllers?

a. very slow
b. very fast
c. same
d. almost similar

10. The PLC is used in _______.

a. machine tools
b. automated assembly equipment
c. moulding and extrusion machines
d. all of the above

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