Proof test intervals | Safety Instrumented System

Proof test intervals

The proof-test interval shall be defined [ IEC 61511-1 ]. It is important that the proof-test interval is taken in account during the design of the process application since the proof-test interval affects the design of the application.

The proof test idea is to test the function as far as possible. It is more advisable to perform a proof test is when the process (factory) is stopped.

Important Activities

  • describe the proof test procedures
  • investigate if additional safety measures (monitoring, redundancy etc.) has to be adapted during the proof test interval.
  • investigate if human aspects (forgotten bypass etc) could affect the safety during the proof test especially if the consequences could be catastrophic if the proof test goes wrong
  • specify the required proof tests during the life-cycle
  • the proof test activity shall be documented (the final result of the proof test)
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