Questions on Rosemount DP Level Fill Fluid Specifications

Read the “Rosemount DP Level Fill Fluid Specifications” document, and answer the following questions:

In what ways does Silicone 704 fill fluid differ from the general-purpose Silicone 200?

Which fill fluid is most appropriate for high-reactivity applications such as pure oxygen pressure measurement?

Which fill fluid is most common in Rosemount remote seals?

Which fill fluids are appropriate for sanitary (food processing and pharmaceutical) applications?

Which fill fluid has the most potential to cause calibration errors as a result of large elevation differences between the transmitter and the remote seal(s)?

Explain why. Which fill fluid has the most potential to exhibit slow response times when measuring fast-changing process pressures? Explain why.

Why would we ever care about the reactivity of a fill fluid with the process fluid, since these two fluids are separated from contact with each other by isolating diaphragms?

For any of the fill fluids with undesirable characteristics (e.g. extremely high viscosity), identify what desirable characterstics they possess. What special applications might demand the use of these fluid types?

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