Rechargeable Battery with solar panel

Are possible to store energy solar panel in recahrgable battery? How to discharge rechargable battery in quick time ?

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Yes for your first question; can I ask purpose for your second question.

  1. Ok Sir, I have solar panel 9 V 3 W store in rechargable battery 7.8 V, I have problem the voltage is drop when coonnect to input battery . Can I get the proper wiring ?

  2. I test with motor dc but the Ah not decrease, I want to know recharge & discharge system in rechargable battery

Hardly any one thinks of it, keep the ideas acknowledging sparks in your mind.

First of all battery is not-charged; diode will be forward biased as potential at battery is low will charge the battery & as coil is excited N.C. contacts will be opened,

As battery charges to fullest potential diode is reverse biased coil discharges & contacts come back to initial state, hence solar panel will be short circuited & battery supplies the load.


1.Ok Mr Sandeep , what is type of diode ? IN 4007? So I need relay with 2 contacts ( normally close ).

2.I already try with converter but not charging, I use dc to dc konverter to power up output solar panel

Kindly share image when you are connecting load, motor or small led compatible with your battery ratings.

It would be great help if you share circuit diagram or whole image along with battery, panel & load connected & also share specifications for each.

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I think this device is great for small area solar panels. I read about it in Solar Panels For Gardens - Blog About Solar Energy | Websolarguide

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I hope you tried like this.


If you are not getting sufficient current ratings, try to stack multiple panels this way;


Is Solar Charge Controller PWM type ?

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No, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) not required for solar charge controller. Its simply a DC to DC converter.

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OK Mr Santhosh , May I ask you , is there inverter DC to AC 3 phase ?

Yes, DC to AC converter might be PWM type for handling AC loads but solar battery charger requires DC to DC converter. Inverter need to be provided externally for the purpose.

Yeah, it is possible to store the solar energy in battery through solar pannels

Yeah, it is possible to store the solar energy off grid in battery through solar pannels