Regarding the FF Signals & Other conventional Analog signals


My technical query is how does EPC or End user decides that some particular signals they have to consider under FF signals & the other analog signals under AI/AO while preparing the IO list for the DCS/ Control system vendor?

Comparison between Foundation Fieldbus (FF) and hardwired signals helps you in choosing the FF or 4-20mA signals.

Foundation Fieldbus vs. Hardwired Signals

Criteria Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Hardwired Signals
Initial Cost Generally higher due to the specialized hardware and software required. Lower due to the use of simpler hardware components.
Long-term Cost Lower due to reduced cabling, easier maintenance, and network simplicity. Potentially higher due to more complex cabling and higher maintenance.
Scalability Easy to scale; adding new instruments often just involves network configuration. More cumbersome; may require additional I/O cards or hardware modules.
Network Topology Supports digital, integrated network topology. Requires separate channels for different data types, increasing complexity.
Time Sensitivity Advanced time synchronization features for precise timing. May lack advanced time synchronization, less suitable for time-sensitive processes.
Response Time Generally fast (depends on protocol) but can vary depending on network configuration and load. Usually faster and more consistent, better for time-critical applications.
Installation Complexity More complex due to the need for network configuration and specialized hardware. Simpler, but can get complex and cumbersome for large systems.
Maintenance Easier and less frequent, thanks to diagnostic capabilities. Often more frequent and more manpower-intensive during troubles.
Security Can be secured but is more exposed to network vulnerabilities. Generally more secure as it does not rely on network communication.

Both Foundation Fieldbus and hardwired signals have their own sets of advantages and limitations, and the choice between the two often depends on the specific needs of the application, the available budget, and the long-term scalability requirements.

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