Replacing the Transmitter Terminal Block Assembly

To replace the transmitter terminal block assembly, proceed as follows:

  1. Turn off the transmitter power source.

  2. Remove the Field Terminals and the Electronics compartment covers by rotating them counterclockwise. Screw in cover lock if applicable.

  3. Remove the digital display (if applicable) as follows: grasp the two tabs on the display and rotate it about 10° in a counterclockwise direction.

  4. Remove the electronics module from the housing by loosening the two captive screws that secure it to the housing. Then pull the module out of the housing far enough to gain access to the cable connectors on the rear of the module.

  5. Remove the four socket head screws securing the terminal block.

  6. Disconnect the terminal block cable connector from the electronics module.

  7. Remove the terminal block and the gasket under it.

  8. Connect the new terminal block cable connector to the electronics module.

  9. Install the new terminal block and new gasket and reinstall the four screws to 0.67 N⋅m (6 in⋅lb) in several even increments.

  10. Reinstall the electronics module (and digital display if applicable).

  11. Reinstall the covers onto the housing by rotating them clockwise to seat the O-ring into the housing and then continue to hand tighten until the each cover contacts the housing metal-to-metal. If cover locks are present, lock the cover per the procedure.

  12. Turn on the transmitter power source.

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