rosemount electronic board replacement

Is it possible to replace the electronic board of the differential pressure transmitter with a single input pressure transmitter? Model= Rosemount 3051 Dpt= Range 0-6 mpa Single pressure transmitter= 0-20kpa

Yes, it’s possible to replace a differential pressure transmitter (DPT) with a single input (gauge or absolute) pressure transmitter under certain conditions, but it’s not always straightforward or even appropriate depending on the application.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Functionality: A DPT measures the difference in pressure between two points, while a single input pressure transmitter measures the pressure at a single point relative to a reference (either atmospheric pressure for gauge pressure transmitters or absolute zero for absolute pressure transmitters). Therefore, the information these devices provide is inherently different. If your process requires knowledge of a differential pressure, simply replacing a DPT with a single input transmitter may not work.
  2. Pressure Range: You mentioned that your DPT has a range of 0-6 MPa and the single pressure transmitter has a range of 0-20 kPa. This is a significant difference in pressure range. If your process involves pressures anywhere near 6 MPa, a transmitter rated for only 20 kPa will not suffice and could be potentially dangerous.
  3. System Design: Even if a single pressure measurement is all that’s required, the design of the system might not allow for a simple swap of transmitters. For example, the installation points, electrical connections, and signal protocols may differ between the two types of transmitters.
  4. Compatibility: You need to check whether the single pressure transmitter can be electrically and mechanically compatible with the rest of your system. You should consider factors such as the power supply, output signal, process connections, and mounting method.