SCADA curriculum

Hello. I work in water, wastewater and HVAC. I am an instrument technician and I am trying to develop my skills further on the SCADA side. It seems that some facilities have the Instrument (or SCADA tech) do everything from electrical to IT (including server maintenance, setup, security).

I am not so savvy on the IT portion like server maintenance, security, etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of a comprehensive curriculum for instrument or SCADA techs. I’ve tried to look up trainings or certifications for SCADA technicians but I haven’t had much success.

I have the CCST and NCCER instrument tech and my background is in electrical construction but been doing instrumentation for the last 4 years including PLC and DDC programming.

I really can’t go back to school to become an IT technician but it seems at some places they want you to be IT, electrical, instrumentation and control.

So, I guess I’m looking for training geared for this type of instrument tech or at least a list of skills a super instrument tech should have, more specifically on the IT side.


I suggest you to join a course on complete PLC programming with ladder logic and SCADA.

Prefer one of the most popular PLC brand in your locality.

It will cover all the basics, configurations and maintenance of PLC systems.

Well, I know PLC programming. I’ve only been doing it a few years but I understand it pretty well. Where I need help is more on the SCADA side, like server maintenance, selection, installation and other duties that may be done typically by an IT technician.

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Yes, Advanced PLC programming includes the SCADA configuration, maintenance, software installation, O.S. formatting/installation/upgrades.

As you aware of ladder logics, you can choose only SCADA, check respective OEM website, they offer training courses online/offline.