SCADA (Oil Pipeline) support needed

Dear Experts,

I don’t have much knowledge and now working for a new project of cross-country Oil transportation pipeline SCADA. It’s a pipeline of more than 200 Km with 2 terminals (dispatch & receiving) and several valve stations through the pipeline will be connected with the central SCADA. The communication will be done by OFC placed along the pipeline. Apps of Leak detection system (LSD) have to supply and integrated with the SCADA system.

Please suggest me which SCADA software should we use/suitable for the oil transportation pipeline? (ABB/Siemens/honeywell/else)



all the major companies are providing the support for long-distance pipeline related SCADA.

you can contact Yokogawa, ABB, Siemens, Honeywell, etc. all are good to go. check their pricing. contact sales team to get detailed catalogs with all the details.

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