SCADA Security Issues

The move from proprietary technologies to more standardized and open solutions together with the increased number of connections between SCADA systems and office networks and the Internet has made them more vulnerable to attacks.

Consequently, the security of SCADA-based systems has come into question as they are increasingly seen as extremely vulnerable to cyber warfare/cyber terrorism attacks. In particular, security researchers are concerned about:

  1. the lack of concern about security and authentication in the design, deployment and operation of existing SCADA networks
  2. the belief that SCADA systems have the benefit of security through obscurity through the use of specialized protocols and proprietary interfaces
  3. the belief that SCADA networks are secure because they are physically secured
  4. the belief that SCADA networks are secure because they are disconnected from the Internet.a Driver Development Toolkit to develop drivers for hardware that is not supported by the SCADA product.Parameter values at the cursor position can be displayed. The trending feature is either provided as a separate module or as a graphical object (ActiveX), which can then be embedded into a synoptic display. XY and other statistical analysis plots are generally not provided.