Scooter battery help

Hello all i have a fold up mobility scooter it has 2 12v 12ah sla batteries in series =24v my question is i have 2 24v 100ah lithium batteries can i wire them up in parallel to make the same 24v but 200 ah thanks in advance

Yes, you can wire your two 24V 100Ah lithium batteries in parallel to create a 24V 200Ah battery system. This setup maintains the same voltage (24V) while increasing the total capacity to 200Ah, providing a longer runtime for your mobility scooter compared to the original 12Ah batteries.

Remember to ensure that the lithium batteries are compatible with your scooter’s electrical system and charger. Also, consider the physical space and weight constraints in your scooter to accommodate the larger batteries. Safety precautions are crucial when handling and installing lithium batteries