Selection of PSV

Mention three types of Pressure Safety Relief Valve (PSV) and explain how to select the right type for specific application?

Three types of Pressure Safety Relief Valve (PSV) are conventional, balanced bellows and pilot operated.

Conventional safety relief valves can be used on all services for liquid, gas, or vapor service if the total backpressure is less than 10 percent of the set pressure.

Balanced bellows safety relief valve is used where the total backpressure exceeds 10 % of the set pressure but does not exceed 50% of the set pressure, or where the superimposed back pressure varies widely compared to the set pressure. It may also be selected to protect the spring and trim where corrosive fluid may damage these parts.

Pilot operated safety relief valve shall be used when operating pressure is above 90% of set pressure or where total backpressure may exceed 50% of set pressure as the valve lift is not affected by back pressure.