Setup for Pressure Measurements?

I am new to the instrumentation Field.
We currently have two ways to calibrate our pressure devices.
We use a handheld pump from Fluke with digital readout which works fine for field measurements.

We also have a shop compressor (dry type) for our bench. However, the compressor is very erratic when building pressure and we cannot use this option for calibrations because of this. So we build up pressure in the system and then shut the valve. We then drop the pressure to the required points doing the calibrations as they fall.

Is there a good way to setup the compressor to be able to get stable incoming air pressure. Maybe regulators and such.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I am considering using bottled gas but I am unsure what type would be used.


I’m not sure what type of pressure gauge you are using on your hand pump but, it is most likely much more accurate than your test bench. I know here in our facility if we are doing a calibration we use hand pumps and different pressure modules based on need. More info would be appreciated in regards to the equipment you’re using. The fluke module tolerance for error is somewhere in the neighborhood of +/-.0049 I think.

It’s not the gauge as we have a Fluke with Pressure modules on the bench. My issue is the supply pressure source. We have a lab compressor we use but the pressure bounces with the compressor. I was thinking of installing a small tank or something to try and smooth out the incoming pressure for calibrations. I am just not sure what standard practices are. This was in place when I took over the position.

If you have any plant instrument air line near to your workshop, then take it from there.

Our plant air pressure is only around 110 psig which is too low for most of our device calibrations. The compressor in the shop is capable of around 200 psig which will cover about 90% of what we have around the facility. I think I am going to install a bottle of gas to resolve this issue since I still have issues reaching pressures on some of our larger ranged devices. I will still need the compressor though for the vacuum gauges.


Right, so if you have a Fluke with the appropriate pressure modules why not just get a hand pump? Shouldn’t be to terrible at 200 psi and you’ll also be capable of pulling your vacuum with the same equipment.