Standard TAG and P&ID symbols voor multivariable correolis meter

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What is the correct way to draw and name an integral correolis meter that measures multi variables (Density, Temperature and Mass-Flow) on P&ID? Currently, we use seperate bubbels with seperate tag numbers, e.g., DIA-400, TIA-400, FIC-400.

The advantage of this is that everybody can see the different functionallities of the instrument on P&ID. However, in the field it is just one device with one unique equipment number. At this moment every functional TAG has it’s own functional location in SAP PM.

For maintenance purposes, it would be nice to just have one unique functional tag for the instrument in SAP. What is the common practice nowadays? Use one common tag like UIA-400? Unfortunately, the ANSI/ISA-5.1-2009 is not given me a clear answer on this one.

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