Steam Turbine Preventive Maintenance

Steam Turbine Operation and Maintenance

  1. DEH control panel and display panel indication status is correct; the unit control mode and operating mode is normal.

  2. TSI and ETS system have no alarm signal.

  3. Frequently check each bearing, temperature and returning oil is normal and there is no water on oil window.

  4. Periodically listen to the equipment to check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon.

  5. Usually monitor the steam sealing system work is normal; according to the load changing condition, adjust the LP casing front and back steam sealing to prevent the gland seal from steam emission and absorption.

  6. Pay attention to each heater water level changing condition and each drainage auto adjustment is normal;

  7. The auto adjusted device should be out into service as automatically as much as possible. Auto adjustment is the main way while the manual adjustment is only auxiliary way. The auto reliability should be checked periodically. When auto is out of work or the adjusted object is stopped to use, it can be switched into manual mode.

  8. Maintain the unit each parameter within prescribed range, read the meters on time, make the analysis work well to allow the unit under economic condition.

  9. According to the rules in “equipment periodically switchover test work form, carry out the periodical switchover and test of relevant equipment.

  10. Maintain the tidiness of the unit equipment and ensure the civilized production.

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