Tank level gauge installation

For the arched tanks, it will be better not to install the center of top tank, but installed position which is 1/2 or 2/3 of radius in the top tank (the requirement is have a distance which is away from the tank wall).

Because the top arched tank just like a convex lens, if the probe installed on focus point of convex lens, ultrasonic pulses will receive all the false echoes.

We should avoid to install in the center of top arched tank.

On top of the most arched tank, the length of connected tube and flange together is
150-180mm, however, the length of bottom probe thread is not so long, (maximum probe
can be customized by our company, to enable launched surface of probe less than the
bottom connected-tube), then we need to check ratio between the diameter and the length of
connected tube .

Please check the following table shows them.

Opening container
As opening container, we can use the bracket to install (pay attention to the bracket’s
bearing capacity), and maintain some distance between sensor and container wall. If the
container wall is flat, then the distance from sensor to the container wall is in the following