Teacher thinking to make career switch (Please answer a few questions)

Background on me: I have taught for 10 years teaching a variety of subjects including engineering and robotics (subjects I really enjoy). I am debating going back to our local tech school to get a certificate in Industrial Automation. I currently live in Utah which has a robust manufacturing economy. In addition I have a masters in education and am 35.

Here is the course descriptions. Up top is classes that everyone must take, and they require you to take one Elective pathway (2-3 classes) to earn your certificate.

My questions:

a. What would be my earnings potential after I earn this certificate?

b. What is the upwards mobility of and ceiling of earnings after 5, 10 , 15 years?

c. What electives pathway would make me the most marketable and also provide the highest earnings?

d. I don’t have access to a location where I could earn an associates degree. Do you think this program looks ok?

e. How is the job market?

Thank you!

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