Temperature Measurement Questions and Answers

Temperature Measurement Questions and Answers

  1. Name the materials commonly used for RTDs. Which one has the most linear characteristics?

  2. What do you mean by lead wire compensation of RTD. How can they be achieved?

  3. PT-100 is a Platinum RTD whose resistance at 0 ° C is 100Ω. If the resistance temperature co-efficient of Platinum is 3 3.91 x10 -3 /°C, then find its resistance at 100° C.

  4. What is the difference between a NTC thermistor and a PTC thermistor?

  5. A thermistor is more suitable for measurement of temperature within a small range justify.

  6. Name three types thermocouples and their suitable temperature range.

  7. State and explain the laws of thermocouple.

  8. What do you mean by cold junction compensation of a thermocouple? Suggest two methods for compensation.

  9. A thermocouple has a linear sensitivity of 30µv/°C, calibrated at a cold junction temperature of 0°C. It is used measure an unknown temperature with the cold junction temperature of 30°C. Find the actual hot junction temperature if the emf generated is 3.0 mv.


  1. Platinum, Copper, Nickel; Platinum.
  2. 139 Ω .
  3. 130°C.

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