The acronym SPDT identifies a ___ - ___, ___ switch

The acronym SPDT identifies a ___________- ___________, ___________- ___________ switch.

A) none of the answers
B) starter-pole, double-throw
C) single-pole, double-throw

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The acronym SPDT identifies a Single-Pole, Double-Throw switch.

A Single-Pole, Double-Throw (SPDT) switch is a type of electrical switch that has one common terminal, one input or output terminal, and two other terminals that can be connected to either the common terminal or the input/output terminal. This allows the switch to have two possible positions: it can either connect the common terminal to one of the other terminals (ON position) or to the other terminal (OFF position).

Here’s a breakdown of the options and why option C is the correct answer:

A) None of the answers: This option is not correct because there is a specific identification for the acronym SPDT, as explained above.

B) Starter-pole, double-throw: This option is not correct. “Starter-pole” is not a common term used to identify the SPDT switch. The correct identification is “Single-Pole, Double-Throw.”

C) Single-Pole, Double-Throw: This is the correct answer. The acronym SPDT stands for Single-Pole, Double-Throw, which describes the configuration and functionality of the switch.