The purpose of the optical isolator is to ___

The purpose of the optical isolator is to

A. aid in fault diagnosis.
B. set the minimum level of voltage that can be detected.
C. protect against electrical noise interference.
D. separate the higher line voltage from the logic circuits

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Answer: D

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Optical isolators, also known as opto-isolators or optical couplers are devices that allow the transmission of signals between two isolated circuits by using light. Their primary purpose is to block high voltages and voltage transients, so that a surge in one part of the system does not disrupt or damage the other parts.

They accomplish this by using an LED (light-emitting diode) coupled with a photosensor, which transmits and receives the signal in the form of light, thereby creating electrical isolation between the input and output. This makes them very useful for separating higher line voltage from sensitive logic circuits, thereby preventing damage or interference.

This doesn’t mean the other options are entirely incorrect; for instance, optical isolators can aid in some fault diagnosis scenarios by showing where a surge has disrupted communication. But their primary purpose is indeed to provide electrical isolation and voltage protection