Transformer Testing methods

Transformer Tests:

Tests on the transformers are carried for verifying the capabilities of transformer to withstand Thermal stresses, Dielectric stresses, short circuit electro-dynamic stresses and environmental stresses.

Routine tests:

These are carried out on every transformers before dispatch to ensure that it is in accordance with the specifications.Some of the tests come under routine test include:

  • Measurement of the winding resistance
  • Verifying the polarity of the windings
  • Measurement of load losses and the impedance voltages
  • Measurement of no load losses and no load no load current.
  • Electrical tests at the power frequency

Type Tests:

Type tests are performed on the first transformer of one type and are intended to check the design characteristics. It is presumed that every transformer would also comply with the type test, since its design is identical.

  • Temperature rise test
  • Tests of ability to withstand full wave impulse
  • Tests for switching impulse withstand
  • Noise level test

Special Test:

Special tests are conducted in the presence of the purchaser or his representatives as specified in the tender

  • Partial discharge test
  • Checking the level of Radio interference voltage
  • Vibration test
  • Test on ability to withstand Short -circuit current
  • Measurement of Noise level