Types of logic block algorithms ( logic gates)

List the different Types of logic block algorithms or logic gates used in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) programming in industries.’

Types of logic block algorithms ( logic gates)

  • Null (NULL)

  • AND Gate (AND)

  • OR Gate (OR)

  • NOT Gate (NOT)

  • NAND Gate (NAND)

  • NOR Gate (NOR)

  • XOR Gate (XOR)

  • Qualified OR Gate with 2 inputs On (QOR2)

  • Qualified OR Gate with 3 inputs On (QOR3)

  • Compare Equal with Deadband (EQ)

  • Compare Not Equal with Deadband (NE)

  • Compare Greater then with Deadband(GT)

  • Compare Greater then or Equal with Deadband(GE)

  • Compare Less then with Deadband(LT)

  • Compare less then or Equal with Deadband(LE)

  • Check for Bad(CHECKBAD)

  • Fixed size bulse(PULSE)

  • Pulse with maximum Time Limit(MAXPULSE)

  • Pulse with Minimum Time Limit(MINPULSE)

  • Delay(DELAY)

  • On Delay(ONDLY)

  • Off Delay(OFFDLY)

  • Watchdog Timer(WATCHDOG)

  • Flipflop(FLIPFLOP)

  • Change Detect(CHDETECT)