Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with Two Sensors and Two Analog Outputs

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could any one explain me the purpose of use "ULTRASONIC LEVEL TRANSMITTER WITH TWO SENSORS AND TWO ANALOGUE "


why Two sensors ? ,

I’m preparing a datasheet and about to consult supplier !


The purpose of using an “Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with Two Sensors and Two Analog Outputs” and an “Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with One Sensor” depends on the specific application and requirements of the level measurement system.

Here’s an explanation of both configurations:

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with Two Sensors and Two Analog Outputs

This configuration typically involves installing two ultrasonic sensors at different heights in a tank or vessel. The purpose of using two sensors is to measure the level at multiple points within the tank. The sensors may be positioned at different heights to provide information about the liquid level at various stages or zones within the tank.

Each sensor will have its own analog output, which provides a continuous signal proportional to the measured level. Having two analog outputs allows for more precise and detailed monitoring of the liquid level, as well as the ability to detect changes or variations in level across different sections of the tank.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with One Sensor

In this configuration, a single ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the liquid level in the tank or vessel. The sensor is typically mounted at a specific height within the tank. The purpose of using one sensor is to provide a general indication of the liquid level in the tank.

The sensor will provide a single analog output, which represents the measured level. This configuration is often used when a single point measurement is sufficient for the application and when there is no need for detailed level information at different heights or zones within the tank.

When preparing a datasheet and consulting with a supplier, it is essential to clearly define your application requirements. Consider factors such as the size and geometry of the tank, the desired level measurement accuracy, the need for multiple measurement points, and any specific conditions or challenges in the process. By providing this information to the supplier, they can guide you in selecting the appropriate configuration and specifications for your ultrasonic level transmitter to ensure it meets your specific needs.

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Could you please indicate a brand and model of manufacturer that has this type of level with two sensors and two analog outputs?


i can recommend several Ultrasonic Level Transmitter manufacturers to you. Asmik Sensor and Supmea Automation.