URV value setting of DP type level transmitter

For this instalation , 0% level=4 mA=0 mBAR =LRV and 100%=20mA =138 mBar =URV is set for process fluid specific gravity of 0.8 ;

Is the URV and LRV settings are correct for impulse tubing connection ?

Pl check these articles

Dear All, I need the specific URV value for the installation .

Follow the above example calculation.

Lmin and Lmax are level 0% and Level 100% points.

h is total height of tank.

S is specific gravity of liquid inside tank

Sf is specific gravity of liquid in impulse line or capillary, it may be same or different with “S”.

You need complete height of the tank for the calculation.

I think above calculation is applicable only for wet leg connection of LP leg fluid S.gravity 1.1 . But in our cage , Impulse tubing is dry .So dry leg calculation should be followed .

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Yes, you can also use wet leg for your installation. Just fill water in the LP leg.