Variable Area Flow meter

Variable area flowmeters are a type of differential pressure flowmeters. These are simple and versatile devices which are used to measure the flow of liquids, gases, and steam. They work at a fairly constant pressure drop. In these types of flowmeters, a direct visual indication of flow rate is given by the position of the float, piston or vane.

The position of their float, piston or vane gets changed as the rising flow rate opens a larger flow area to pass the flowing fluid. When the flow decreases, either the force of gravity or a spring is employed to return the flow element to its quiescent position.

Gravity-operated meters also Rotameters must be installed in a vertical position, whereas spring operated meters can be mounted in any position. Each and every variable area flowmeter is available with local indicators. Moreover, they can also be provided with position sensors and transmitters i.e. Pneumatic, electronic, digital, or Fiberoptic types for linking to remote displays or controls.