What are the Benefits of SCADA system?

While PLC performs the measurement and control part in automation, SCADA aids by visualizing the data within PLC

Benefits of SCADA could be summarized as below:

  1. Ability to view PLC data in real-time environment

  2. Visual/animated representation of the plant to aid the plant personnel in problem diagnosis

  3. Ability to input user data to PLC in terms of setpoint or batch recipes

  4. User authentication to prevent mal-operation especially of point #3 above

  5. Ability to provide some basic level time plots of critical parameters

  6. Basic level of data archiving (not as effectively as an historian software)

  7. Some SCADA software allow monitoring of PLC ladder logic in runtime mode for debugging

  8. Report generation features

  9. Provide an interface to level 3 (L3) softwares dealing with ERP / BI (Business Intelligence)

  10. Monitoring the same plant data across multiple control rooms (this feature was not possible with HMIs)