What brand or type calibrator you use for pressure calibration


May to share what brand and type of calibrator you use to calibrate pressure?

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Fluke and Beamex

I like Fluke 6270A Pressure controller best .Easy to learn and use. You can purchase uptown 5 various size pressure modules to put inside with the ranges you desire up to 1000 psi. I have a barametric, 5 psig, 50 psia and 500 psi module in my 6270A. I have also other Fluke pressure controllers PPCH, PPC4, PG7100 and had Cheaper Handheld pumps such as Druck DPI 610 which I like better than Flukes handhelds. Depends on your accuracy.

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Currently, I’m using Beamex MC2-MF and looking for low pressure calibrator because MC2 for low pressure the reading is unstable.

any recommendation for low pressure calibrator?

try AMETEK brand for low pressure calibrator.

you use before?

I’m looking for this Yokogawa CA700 also, this unit use for high pressure

accuracy of 0.01% of reading on pressure measurement

Fluke 754 documenting calibrator and the appropriate pressure module. Allows you to save your calibrations and has an accuracy of .0049

Documenting calibrator which means the calibrator will record the calibration data? the pressure module is optional right?

yes. it is.


Would like to ask for hand pump brand Ralston or Beamex ok?
Or do you all have any other recommend?


Yes it saves the data from your calibrations. The pressure modules is a must if you want to have the full effect to save the data of inputs and outputs from the transmitter. We use Fluke hand pumps at our site as well as the Fluke hydro pumps.

What model Beamex and hand pump you use?