What is a Vibration Analyzer?

The Vibration Analyzer is a digital signal controller based system which is used to analyze the vibration signals arising out of a rotating machine and records the required parameters.

The vibration analyzer computes the amplitude and phase of each input signal simultaneously with reference to the tracking input.

Vibration Analyzer


The instrument has the features like DC level, overall vibration and tracking filtered measurements.

The instrument shall measure the frequency, acceleration/deceleration rate of this tracking signal and communicate the same to PC and also operate as a relay whenever the signal level exceeds certain limit which is set through PC. All the parameters are available on RS-485 network with MODBUS format.

Vibration analyzer is a high performance, full-featured FFT data collector, signal analyzer and balancer which allow easy condition monitoring of equipment found in many industries such as power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper.

Vibration analyzer collects field data in-cluding vibration information, bearing condition, inspection and process data. Extensive analysis functions facilitate data analysis and condition diagnostics on site

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