What is FTTH?

FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is the idea of bringing high-speed networking, digital television, and telephone service to residences using fiber optic cables. Telecommunication companies developing FTTH technology plan to support 100+ Mbps bandwidth per home.

They view fiber optic cabling as the best technology for high-speed, high-quality residential area networking, eventually replacing both telephone and cable TV lines. Costs to get FTTH services off the ground are high, but fibers to the home installations are steadily increasing around the world.

Applicable components for FTTH:

  • Rack & Wall mount patch panel/LIU
  • Fiber Optic Pigtails & Patch Cards
  • PLC’s & Splitters
  • Connectors & Couplers

UNISOL communications specialize in providing various fiber network solutions based on clients unique. We are providing FTTH (Fiber To The Home) using GPON technology based on customer requirements.